• Some of the rents are prohibitively high, and I think that is a real issue.  There is a group of people that I call the Eastport 100.  These are the people that I see on a day to day basis.  They are out and patronize local restaurants, bars, and generally anything in Eastport.  When you have such a small number of people, it's very hard to make a living.  I must admit, I do miss the local music that was at one of the restaurants/pubs that is now closed.  There is just something about live music in the background of a social gathering watering hole and restaurant, that makes it more alive.  Running a restaurant is a lot like being married.  You have to work at it to keep it going.  It's tough and demanding work.  I think know how is an essential ingredient, but desire can in some ways make up for know how.  People are now driving to Lubec, and that's a shame that we can't keep our money, and our people employed in Eastport.

    • True..

  • I think a large issue we have is that there is a lack of people with more than passion, but also know-how.  It's a damn shame too as there is a huge need for eclectic locations for the creative type to go and express themselves through socializing, live music, and other interactions. 

    • Define "other interactions" Hmmm.. Sounds interesting..

    • "other" in this case can be defined by each of us in what we were able to take away, or what we gained from the places and interactions.   :D *wink. And that's all I've got to say about that. 


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