• Where is a good place to fish for them while the breakwater is out of commission?

    • I had some good luck right on my mooring in Deep Cove.  Actually our favorite times this past summer were day sailing over to Lubec, coming back with the tide and then catching dinner while watching the sunset.  Pretty spectacular!

    • Fish pier worked for me last season.

  • I use my Brinkman smoker. I fillet the mackerel then sprinkle the pieces with Lawry's black pepper salt. I smoke them over charcoal covered with fresh cut apple wood from my own trees. I poor a little whiskey to sip on and they are done in 45 mins. to an hour . You have to check.

    • Sounds awesome

  • Always cooked them outside, split, over coals, dripping oil fueling the fire. Lemon, salt, and pepper, that's it. Divine. It's been awhile though. 

    • That sounds great too :)

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