• I grew up in Aroostook county I was born in Calais Maine lived Perry Maine but soon we moved up north that's were my dad was from Colby Siden Maine. My mother is originally from around here so she got home sick so we moved down here in 1990 and been here ever sense and wouldn't leave it if I had to. This is were I sharpened my skills as an artist and musician Eastport Maine has a lot of history in this small once city.

    • Cool thanks for sharing!

  • I got here the old fashioned way: born at Eastport Memorial Hospital.   I left at 19 for the military and moved back after retirement.  I moved away twice more and always returned.  I just couldn't find a better place to live, I guess.  After the last move back I have one move left in me: one box and six of my friends to lug it up the hill. 

    • Cheerful thought Robert!  Thanks for sharing your post.  Nice to see an authentic Eastporter contributing to this site.

  • Yep...  You've been Eastported.  Most certainly..  Many of the stories exchanged about ending up here have common threads and usually some degree or sense of serendipity.  Truly a magical place..  Thanks for sharing!

  • I came here for a new job, thought I'd stay for 3-5 years. Well, I'm still here a few years more than that, fully entrenched in Eastport life. The city has a way of nurturing the development of little roots that you're not even aware of at first. Until all of a sudden, there you are. Involved in way too many volunteer projects, meeting up with and talking with people at the IGA, the post office, the arts center, the hiking trails and around on the streets. Professional and personal space have a way of blending in the best of ways. I've never known so many people and worked with so many on so many different projects. What a life! Living here has a way of refining values down to the core. Malls? I went through a two-year withdrawal period -- an interesting experience to realize that shopping had actually been more about being social than buying stuff. Now I can handle a mall for about 30 minutes. I'd rather get my social from an arts center event. Fancy clothes? Bagged up and given away. Canned music? Non-existent and what a relief. Stop lights? Two in the whole county. Traffic jams? Only on the 4th of July. Isolation? Only if you don't make eye contact. Remote? It's an attitude that has more to do with our culture of immediate gratification than reality. Restaurants? Okay, we could do with more ethnic diversity, but it's a great kick to learn to cook from those cultures you can't do without. Local foods? Yes and yum. Poverty? Yes, and so many ways to join in and help those who need it. Outdoor recreation? Nothing like being in the middle of a snow-covered forest and listening to the snow fall and the wind whistle or being out in the bay and having a whale slowly roll across the ocean's surface just 20' away, its great big eyes making contact and speaking with a different language than of tongues. Your turn.

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