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  • EVERYTHING is my FAVORITE Thing about Living Here.

    From living in my own house to the eclectic variety of people and the magnificent beauty of the island itself and nature's bounty all around.

    I even like the grey dreary days because they make me appreciate the nice sunny weather so much more.

  • Oh don't know where to start? Born and raised, small town living, the beauty, the ocean, seafood, and it was the best place for us kids to grow up! Just a few:)
  • The people. Hands down. It's beautiful, yes. But there are many, many other beautiful places that would make a nice home. But the people that make this community? I'm not sure I could do without.

    • As much as I adore the eclectic cast of true originals..  For me the natural beauty is a constant source of inspiration.  I always feel such a sense of well being coming back across the causeway with water glistening on either side with WSHD baring on the radio..  Blessed..

  • Too many to list?  Come on folks weigh in here!

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