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  • It has it's perks through Grand Lodge Domain of Maine which chooses a charity that we donate money to and so far American cancer care has been the charity, Our future plans involving Anchor Lodge No.41 is to rebuild the lodge back up not to where in the past but our dreams are.

    • Noble deeds indeed.  Good luck with Anchor Lodge No. 41!

  • Thanks for all the interesting information on your fraternal organization.  Must be cool to be a "Knight" :)

  • Knights of Pythias

    Anchor Lodge No.41

    News from Anchor Lodge No.41, as many of you have seen the roof on our building is in need of repair and it will soon be getting it done shortly. We would like to thank Chief of Eastport Police Dale Earl and Dean Pike for informing Vice Chancellor Rick Green of the current state of our roof. We want to let the public know the roof is just one step of the repairs needed the other steps in repair is inside the Lodge building it's self mostly cosmetic work needs done. We will be posting a date and time and ask our Pythian brothers to lend a hand in doing this. After all repairs are done the building that has housed us will be up for sale in order to help us purchase a new lodge building. Onto more news on April 29th at the Eastport Youth Center Calvin Foley will be reinstated into the Knights of Pythias. Any former Knights that want to be reinstated may contact Vice Chancellor Rick Green at 853-3008 or 904-7663.

  • What's going on with the roof? Looks funky after that wind storm a week or so ago.

    • we currently have a carpenter who is going to repair the roof

    • I'm so glad! The pigeons think they've got a new home.

  • Cool!  What's the Knights of Pyhthias all about?

    • The Order of Knights of Pythias is an international, non-sectarian fraternal order, established in 1864 in Washington, DC, by Justus H. Rathbone and was the first fraternal order to be chartered by an Act of Congress.

      Domains of the Order exist in most states and provinces, and subordinate lodges are located in many cities and towns across the United States and Canada

    • the Knights of Pythias is a fraternal organization who promote cooperation, friendship and good will we place ties to home at the top of our list among members,

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