“Sea Are Bee is my 31st solo release and my 10th recorded in Eastport, Maine.  It is an eclectic mix of aural musings compiled over this past year mostly while I was focused on other performance and production projects.  To paraphrase the late great John Lennon, I guess music is what happens while you are busy making other plans. I find that Eastport and the surrounding areas continue to be a fertile, inspiring and soulfully nurturing creative habitat.  I remain so grateful to live and work here.  Truthfully, if I were to win the lottery tomorrow I don’t think I’d change much or move.  I’d only spend a higher proportion of my time on my personal art.  Well maybe I’d sneak off somewhere in April, but I’d surely come back!  Thank you for listening.  I recently got an iphone for work projects and listened to this whole album via streaming while I hiked through an incredible park here called Shackford Head.  I have found Sea Are Bee to be a worthwhile companion on a vigourous, rugged hike overlooking, rock formations,  evergreen forests and sweeping bay views with glimmering sunlight.  I hope you do too..” - Colie Brice 12/6/16

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Coleman R. Brice

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  • You have said it all Colie. Eastport fulfills all the senses and is an inspiration beyond anything or anywhere. We share your feeling that money cannot buy this, winning the lottery IS finding this little island and discovering all it's precious secret places. Wishing you much success with "31"! You are incredibly talented and we are blessed with your friendship!
    • Oh many thanks for your kind support and gracious remarks!
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